How to use the Facebook tool “infer” for Android application in android studio ?

Follow install infer or more detail about infer

if you have problem during installation steps compile-infer-from-source-with-clang-enabled follow below things

# Checkout Infer
git clone
cd infer

eval $(opam config env)


make -C infer

export PATH=`pwd`/infer/bin:$PATH

Now open your Project’s and add

infer=-- ./gradlew build

also need to add lintOptions into build.gradle

lintOptions {
    abortOnError false

now open your terminal inside of android studio and write below command “/Users/…/infer/infer/bin/infer” you need to pass your infer location where you had install till the path of bin/infer

/Users/.../infer/infer/bin/infer -- ./gradlew build

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